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At Sell a Prestige Car, we will buy your car in the most convenient and fast way. No more bickering with prospective buyers, arranging road worthy certificates, expensive advertising gimmicks or the headache. Just come to us and we will do all the work for you. Scroll below to see what some of our customers have to say about us.


Nora, VIC: “I wanted someone to buy my car, and fast! I knew putting ads or fliers or even chalking a ‘FOR SALE’ sign on one of the car windows would at least take a month. But thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to Sell a Prestige Car. They bought my car and completed all the paper work within 2 days! It was like a miracle!”


Andy, VIC: “In my lifetime, I have sold about 3 cars. Each transaction brought with it a world of pain. It was enough that I had to pay ridiculous amounts of commission; I also later found out that I wasn’t given a fair price. This last time I decided to take the matter in my own hands. I told myself I will not pay a penny more than I want to and I will make sure I get a good price for the beauty that I so deeply took care of. I put the car up on Sell a Prestige car and within an hour I started getting offers. It was unreal! I sold it for a decent amount and went on to try a new car the very next day. It was an amazing experience to say the least.”


Perry, QLD: “I was moving out of the country and wanted someone to buy my car as soon as possible. I logged on to Sell a Prestige Car and sold my car within a day. It happened in the blink of an eye. If it hadn’t been for these people, I would’ve sold it for peanuts to just about anyone who would pay me quickly. I cannot thank these guys enough.”


Sarah, VIC: “I thought that the vintage beauty my dad left me would be a tough one to sell, especially when I had no idea of the automobile market. So many people scared me of the rip-offs on the loose both physically as well as online. I had no idea where to start. Thanks to Sell a Prestige Car, I got a great deal on the car and excellent customer service every step of the way. They even gave me tips for buying a new one. Out went the old car and in came the new one – all in 2 days! It was sad to say goodbye to my dad’s present, but the new Audi isn’t so bad either!”

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