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If you are looking to trade in your old vehicle for a new road partner, then Sell a Prestige Car is the place for you! We have a hard working and dynamic customer service team which will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for and at a great price too! Over the years that we have been in business we have had hundreds of customers who are loyal and prefer to only do business with us. The reason behind this is our amiable team which will guide you at every step of the way; the prices that we fetch you for your car; new prospects which will suit your need just fine and also the fastest turn around service.


With us, trading your car will be hassle-free and you will not be out of a transport medium for a very long time. How do you get around to doing this? Read below:


•Bring your current car for inspection by our expert evaluators. After inspection, they issue you with a used  trade in car certificate which will show the net trade-in value of your car. You will have to pay a small fee here.


•You can bid on a car at any Sell a Prestige Car auction in Australia using your trade-in certificate. After bidding, pay deposit and present your trade-in certificate at the time of payment.


•The net trade-in value as mentioned in your car trade-in certificate will be credited to the invoice of your auction purchase. You can then pay the differential from the auction price. If you are down trading, Sell a Prestige Cars will reimburse the difference to you.


•Get your car within 24 hours of the auction, our staff will check it and then you can pay from your account. Next, just drive away with your new purchase. We can arrange the road worthy certificate for you also in case you cannot find the time for it.


You do not have to buy your replacement vehicle from a Sell a Prestige Cars auction. You can just dispose off your current vehicle through us and then buy your new car from somewhere else. It is all in your hands. The Sell a Prestige Car used car trade-in certificate is valid for 21 days and some conditions will apply.

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Considering multiple alternatives when selling your car can be scary, time consuming, inconvenient and difficult to manage. The benefits of trading your vehicle than selling it privately comprise speed and convenience. But there is always the residual doubt of not getting the right and deserving value for your car. We, at Sell a Prestige Cars, are here to allay all that just for you. Instant valuation, swift paperwork and no hassle of dealing with buyers on the phone or in person – these are just some of the perks. Just come to us and we will show you more.

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