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Are you tired of your old car? Want to move on and buy a new one? Sell a Prestige Car is the place for you. We buy a variety of cars and are known for our fast service. Your car will be collected from you and the money transferred to your account in no time! Take a look at all the icons below to know which all models we deal in. There will barely be any that we do not entertain. What’s more? You can sell your car for free!


Just see what our previous customers have to say about us:


Linda, NSW: “I did not know you could sell your car so easily these days! Gone are the days when you had to put in the word to your friends and families, newspaper ads and fliers. All I had to do was call Sell a Prestige Car and my car was gone within 6 hours! My bank called me the same day informing me of the deposit, and I could almost not believe it.”


James, VIC: “I got great guidance in displaying and selling my car to the buyers. The people at Sell a Prestige Car are very professional and forthcoming. They guided me at every step and ensured that I got a good price in the best time frame. I will vouch for these guys any day!”


Jules, NSW: “This is a great site if you are looking to sell your car. What better way to sell your car than at the touch of a button. Literally! I logged on, uploaded photos of my car, wrote a few niceties and voila! I was done. Within 2 days I sold my car to a beautiful couple who were just as happy with the service as myself. I got a good deal and they got a great car. It was a win-win for both of us. All thanks to Sell A Prestige Car for helping me to sell my car.”


Lynton, VIC: “I am not a frequent user of computers and I had never sold a car before in my life. A friend told me that if I get cracking on Sell a Prestige Car, I would not have to go through the painful process of advertising for my car and then bargaining on the price. I simply put up photos of my love of 5 years and sold it within a day! The site was user-friendly and simple to use. There cannot be an easier way to do this. I assure you of Sell a Prestige Car. They provided excellent support  to sell my car for free without any problems.”


Mike, VIC: “Thank you Sell a Prestige Car for selling my car for me, for free. I couldn’t have imagined a faster, easier and a more reliable partner.”

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