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Need to sell your car instantly? Cannot find time to look for worthy buyers or organizing road worthy certificates? You have landed at the right page. At Sell a Prestige Car, we buy cars of all makes and models.


You could try out a dealer but that will take a lot of homework on which one to choose. With Sell a Prestige car, you cannot go wrong. You could try putting up the old banger for another auction service, but the buyers are most likely to be dealers or private punters who are looking for a good bargain at these auctions. You will get almost the same price as with a dealer. So why go through all that hassle? Just turn on your laptop and visit our website.


We can help you sell your car in the fastest and most convenient ways. You can ask around in the industry for our name, and you will no doubt hear that we are one of the leading and independent used car purchasing websites in all of Australia. We are eager to work with you in selling your car at a decent price. We will collect you vehicle from anywhere in Australia. Just give us an address and we will reach you. You can have the payment in your bank account in as less than 24 hours! How about that for a fast service? One of our record times was 4 hours- from giving a quote to collection of the car. Give us another name in the area who can match that kind of timing.


We deal in all models and makes. Be it prestige, commercial, vans, 4WDs, Utes, etc. Thus, you do not have to worry about the very old cough machine which is eating up all that fuel and costing you an arm and a leg in maintenance. Just call us or fill the quote form for any sort of assistance.


When you do approach us, be sure to have these items ready: your driver’s license; car registration certificate; maintenance information (if any); service keys, and if you have any spare keys, then we would prefer that you hand those over too. Rest assured that our ‘sell your car’ service is free of any risk. We will provide you an accurate market valuation and pay you almost immediately. We can pay you in cash, through a cheque or transfer funds electronically. If there are any bugs to fix, we will let you know right away so that your time and effort is not wasted. With our service, you automatically eliminate the risks associated with private sales.


So go ahead and plan which car you are going to buy next. This current one will go real fast if you come to us.

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